Tom and Claudia Rosson

Since 2010, Tom serves as regional superintendent for Eastern Europe and the CIS. Having grown up in a Church of God pastor’s home, Tom accepted a call to ministry in 1979. He began his missions ministry as an instructor at the European Theological Seminary in 1988, located in Rudersberg, Germany. In 2002, Tom was appointed as the education director for the Church of God in Central and Eastern Europe. Among the various duties he has, Tom serves as president of the Eurasian Theological Seminary in Moscow, Russia. Tom is a graduate of Lee University with a Bachelor of Science 1985, the Church of God Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity in 1989, and Regent University, Ph.D 2003. Tom and his wife, Claudia, are active in their local congregation at the Treffpunkt Church of God. This is the congregation they helped plant during their previous ministry at the European Theological Seminary.