Eurasian Theological Seminary in Moscow

The Eurasian Theological Seminary in Moscow is a fully accredited, four-year Bible college that serves as the flagship school for all of our training programs in the Russian speaking countries. It offers two Bachelor’ degrees (B.Th. and B.Min) and one Master’s degree (M.A.) as well as diplomas and/or advanced studies certificates in church ministry, family/marital counseling, and Christian counseling. In addition to its residential program, ETSM has numerous extensions throughout Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

Although most courses are taught in Russian only, occasion ETSM has guest teachers and groups from the West thus allowing the students the opportunity to practice their English. Additionally, ETSM has guest facilities that allow them to host small conferences.

ETSM is partially sponsored by the World Missions Department of the Church of God. Many of our students need adoptive sponsors.  If you would like to donate to ETSM, please use our project number (710-0072) when making contributions, either through your church or directly through

Church of God World Missions
PO Box 8016
Cleveland, TN 37320

Or call toll-free 1 (800) 345-7492.

If donating online through our secure server, by using the link provided, our project number should already be listed in the form.